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Reading people

I love to read people at least as much as I love to read books. From my many years as a teacher of writing, I've learned how to read people quickly so that I can communicate better with each individual I teach. If I were to look at a group of people and see them simply as students, I would lose my inspiration. Teaching then becomes mechanical and boring, just an imparting of facts and ideas which could be found in a textbook. I believe that I am of little value to my students if all I do is recite information and then ask them to perform as writers without somehow injecting them with my own enthusiasm and keen desire to write well.  Writing Well Writing well requires that writers connect with their deepest emotions and motivations. Even a relatively dull and academic research topic such as "endangered species" will reveal the writers' attitudes and priorities through the materials they choose and how they structure their arguments. Helping students fin

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