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Cheap clothes

If I were not a deeply-concerned, morally-responsible person who fights for social justice and the equality of all humans, I would be a fashion designer.

Within my serious self lives an artsy girl who loves clothes. The feel of a woven or knitted textile, its colors and shapes, its emotional qualities and historical significance, its manufacture and distribution--all of these things interest me deeply.

And I have a secret love--cheap clothes. These clothes combine a bit of social conscience and love of beauty with utility and a desire not to spend money. And where do I find cheap clothes?

1. Made in sweatshops and sold under a dizzying number of brand names, in wildly different kinds of stores.
Yes, sweatshops they are for the most part, but these factories in places like Romania, Belize, Honduras, Cambodia, and China also make it possible for people to live. They pay a miserable wage, but they are often the only local means of making any money for people with little education or resou…

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