Paper: Paging Through History by Mark Kurlansky

Festa Medivale di Monselice (Sept.) - The Art of Papermaking
I love paper and the art & craft of making paper.
A few years ago I toured a paper mill once owned by the wealthy Žerotín family in a Moravian mountain village. The paper was handmade on very old equipment. We tourists got to see the entire process, which was at the same time very simple but full of decisions that called for skill and experience.

"For the first time, the existence of a paper mill was proven by the oldest watermark from 1596 well-known as a Žerotín blazon - a lion with a crown standing on three hills. 
From its establishment until second half of the 18th century was linked with the fate of dominion and his Žerotín holders."


Paper by Mark Kurlansky (one of my favorite authors), looks like a winner.

"Leonardo da Vinci was notorious in his lifetime for his inability to complete projects. ... Fortunately, there was paper, on which Leonardo could capture his genius.

Though he is usually thought of as a painter, only fifteen paintings, some unfinished, have been found, along with two damaged murals.

He also attempted some sculpture, though he never finished one piece.

But he left behind thirty bound notebooks."

Leonardo da Vinci (ur Svenska Familj-Journalen)


Mark Kurlansky


Paper: Paging Through History


W. W. Norton & Company


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