Work and recharge every day!

This morning I responded to a friend's post on Facebook about how he wanted to find time to stop work and relax a bit. He said that he's so driven that he feels guilty to take care of himself.

This made me pause and consider my own work habits. I am also quite driven and count it a good thing that I am so motivated from somewhere deep inside myself to work so hard.

After 6+ decades of life, I know my rhythms...I do best with a reasonable schedule that doesn't vary too much from day to day. I aim to sleep from 10:30-7:10, get up and start some kind of work (meditating, praying, thinking, reading, writing a blog or other piece, editing, planning, or whatever) when I'm alone and the house is quiet.

Then I shift gears and go to my current job at a local state College, where I am busy with all kinds of projects. The days I don't go there, I work on various other projects.

I rarely take a day "off," as I get bored very quickly without something to engage my mind. So I build in enough alone time every day to get recharged.

I divide my work into projects with clear due dates, to get the satisfaction of working at them bit by bit, not feeling overwhelmed but also not neglecting to complete them. I don't feel guilty, nor do I feel that I need a break, as every day has its breaks.

This is the system I've arrived at over the years. It works for me, and I don't intend to ever "retire" from work altogether, as I know I'd be restless and unsatisfied if I didn't work every day.


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