Prague for Beginners: a novel of 1994 Prague

I am very thrilled to announce that Prague for Beginners: Finding Myself in Prague is now available on as both a print and an e-book. You can read it for free if you are a "kindle unlimited" subscriber!

I wrote this novel in 2014 as a tribute to the city of Prague and its remarkable recovery from two totalitarian governments (Nazi Germany and the USSR) in the years 1939-1989. 

In 1994, the city was reawakening from its government-imposed slumber, rapidly becoming a hot spot for commerce, education, the arts, and politics in the former Soviet block. The novel's heroine, Elizabeth Logan, is a 34-year-old American who's come to Prague to teach English. She soon realizes that she's hardly in a position to teach anyone anything, as she has little idea about how to live her own life in a meaningful way.

Here's a brief review of  Prague for Beginners:

"Elizabeth Logan goes to Prague in 1994 to teach English to beginners. She has missed the crest of the wave, both by missing the first exuberant rush of freedom in the Czech Republic in 1989 and by being 34 years old, yet not knowing exactly what she wants to do with her life. She finds unexpected challenges in Prague: losing her flat, her job, and her mysterious Czech would-be boyfriend. But she eventually finds her purpose for being in Prague: discovering what love is, and how to find it."

I hope you will visit the page and read the free preview of the print or e-book. I think if you can see what Elizabeth sees in the city of Prague, you'll enjoy her story, and you'll put Prague on your list of must-see cities!


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