North Country Hippies

For 2017, I'm working on three new books, hoping to publish one of them by the end of the year. I'm quite excited to have chosen these three as my focus, as they have all been in the works for several years.

These three books are in addition to completing the editing for the print version of Prague for Beginners (the ebook version is already available):

I'm editing the second proof copy, and the print version should be available on in the next week or two. I'll be glad to move on, as I wrote this book in 2014, published the ebook in 2015, and spent 2016 editing it for the new print version (I'll update the ebook at the same time).

My new writing projects are diverse:

1. North Country Hippies (working title) is a collection of related short stories illuminating the motives, choices, and context of back-to-the-land hippies living in Northern New York in the early 1970s. I've finished and polished one story, and I have three more in the works.

The book will have maybe nine or ten stories with characters and settings that overlap and interrelate, offering several perspectives on daily life as a city-born "homesteader" in the very rural North Country.

2. I am in the thinking/research stage of writing a  nonfiction book, not yet titled, that examines the idea that aging people need to contribute their hard-won life wisdom to the greater culture.

"Retirement" often implies a retreat from taking an active part in the communities in which retirees live, as if they were simply perched on the edge of society. The theme is that older people have experiences and insights, not to mention practical knowledge, that is vital to the society as a whole.

Living on permanent vacation is okay for a few months or years, but then it's time to give back and stay connected. I've got some concrete ideas to develop and hope to get a good start on writing this book in 2017.

3. As I begin to understand that my own life will not last forever, I am thinking about what to include in a  nonfiction book about the end of life.

The theme will be how to approach death with a non-fearful attitude. This book will be based on stories and interviews with people connected to end-of-life care in such ways as hospice work and palliative care for people who are deemed to be near death. It will also include how to make plans for death, either one's own or that of a close friend or relative.

Most likely I will only do the research for this book in 2017, as it's a complex topic about which I now know relatively little.


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