Ready for a change

Life is change. That's not an original observation, I realize, but somehow it's at the top of my mind these days.

This year (2016) has produced difficult changes (my brother and his daughter, my niece, died within three weeks of each other) and wonderful changes (I won a prize and got published in a college literary magazine, Veritas),

my brother, my mother and me
My husband and I have changed continents (North America to Europe and back again) and the mission of our business, moving from offering programs in career change to focusing on publishing books (

In Copenhagen, at Amager Strand
But the biggest change for me has come from the oldest advice I've ever gotten: count your blessings. More than ever before, I feel myself surrounded by love and possibility. My creativity has experienced a boost as I take on all the aspects of being a writer: producing the text, publishing it, marketing it, and going on the the next project.

"Prague for Beginners"

The changes this year have been profound, and I look forward to the changes yet to come,
and then--


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