The year has turned.

I know this because I have a perpetual calendar, and I had to physically turn in over a week or so ago.

In Central Florida, where summer is long and hot, you don't mind that you are now on the downslope of summer and can look forward to days where the high temperature is not in triple digits. So in that regard, it's okay that the year is inexorably sliding toward its end.

And I love autumn, with its changing colors (even here in FL, some leaves DO change or die) and its grade-school holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving). And I love winter even more, with my wedding anniversary ( #20!), my children's birthdays, and the huge conglomeration of Hanukkah and Christmas.

photo by  39james

But in absolute terms, seeing 2015 tick out its last months is not so cheery. After all, this is one more year of my life, and I can see that I don't have an infinite number of them. Years, that is.

So midsummer has its flashy bright side and its more subtle dark side. I guess its a metaphor for life, as many things are. You are grateful to get some events behind you, but you start to notice there is more behind you than ahead of you. And I am not talking about your posterior!

The year has turned, and that's probably a good thing, as it means that life is still in progress. But does it have to progress quite so quickly?


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