A new month and a birthday

I have always felt that April is "my" month, because my birthday falls on the 18th.

But there are other reasons to love April:

1. It's finally, really, Spring.

Although there may be cold weather and even snow, the crocuses as up, the daffodils are blooming, and Spring is firmly in charge. Winter may make a few feeble attempts to reassert its deadly grip, but new life has overwhelmed it, at least until next Fall.

2. The long school year is almost over.

Zakladni skola, Vysoke nad Jizerou, Czech Republic

I have spent more than 2/3 of my life in school, as a teacher or a student, or both at the same time. So my life has been separated into bits: school begins, it drags on forever, it ends. April is one of the almost-ending months.

3. Summer is close at hand.

Bily Potok, Jiserske Hory (Jizerou Mountains), Czech Republic

I don't like really hot weather, but I do like summer. They days are long, the sun shines quite often, and you get to take some time off from your normal concerns. People take vacations and visit each other. Gardens grow like crazy, and the air smells lush with all the plants at their peak. Every summer there is at least one special day that seems to go on forever in its perfection and simplicity.

Yes, I love April!


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