When I Was a Hippie

Today as I was driving to my employer, Seminole State College, for a meeting of English teachers and tutors [from the college (ENG I and ENG II), from Developmental Writing, from Seminole County high schools and from the Academic Success Center], I had a sudden idea--the name of the novel I am working on will be "When I Was a Hippie."

Rossie, NY, 1976: Noah and Sara
I wanted to get the word "hippie" into the title, and to communicate that I, Sara, was indeed a hippie (1970-1980). So now I am happy, as not having a title was distracting.

Bringing the oxen to haul firewood: Rossie, BY, 1976
I am still editing "Prague for Beginners" and preparing it for publication (by our favorite e-book formatter, Noah Shepherd), but I do work on the hippie novel as well.


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