March Madness

In the US, March Madness usually refers to basketball games, but I have a different madness in mind.

Even in Central Florida, where I live, winter is difficult. The days are short and often not sunny. It gets relatively cold here, dipping down near the freezing point, making the citrus growers turn on the spring-fed, 72-degree sprinklers.

What's more, winter is a hiatus in growth. Some trees and shrubs here lose their leaves, and every plant either slows down or stops sending out new leaves and buds. It's sad, in a way, to see the fading of the burgeoning green that Floridians are used to.

Of course, for people living in the northern states, winter can be cruel. Ice, snow, bitter cold and cutting winds are the daily fare. Cars won't start and heating bills go sky-high. People suffer and sometimes die with every new storm.

So March Madness is the feeling of giddy relief that comes with the turning of the calendar page. It may still be cold, storms may continue, but time is carrying us forward into glorious spring.

Today the weather here is perfect--in the mid-70s, with a light breeze and sunshine. So many trees are blossoming that my allergies are in full blossom, causing headaches and teary eyes. But I don't mind! My March Madness is in full bloom, too, so nothing can trouble me too deeply. Winter is almost over and Spring, with its hope and novelty, is ready to step in.

March Madness, we welcome you!


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