Prague for Beginners: like having a baby

Not entirely to my surprise, I am finding that writing a book is like having a baby:

1. Gestation: 9 months of development.

2. Birth: one mighty heave to get it out into the world.

2. The rest of the baby's life: to nurture, protect and defend it.

One of Elizabeth's kavarnas: wish I had such a nice place for editing!
I am in stage 3, which turns out to be as intense as the actual writing. I am doing the final minor edits and proofreading before sending it to my two trusted editors, my adult children.

I am also readying it to send to my Beta readers, who will probably not be looking for a misplaced comma but will give me feedback on plot, character, and whether or not anyone besides my husband and I would ever want to read this book. 
My husband, who faithfully read Prague for Beginners
My new novel is already under way, but takes a back seat to Prague for Beginners for a few weeks, at least. The cherishing of a baby is a full-time job.


  1. Congrat Sara on completing this great novel. Great job, and great read!


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