30,000 and counting

Every day when I add another 1000 words, I get excited. Prague for Beginners is taking shape before my eyes.

My books so far have been primarily non-fiction: 21st Century Jobs, Your Career Passport, College to First Job, Step-by-Step, and Looking Ahead.

The fiction I've written has been as part of The Prague Trilogy, co-authored with my husband, Jarda. Three Things You Can't Do in Prague and Three Things that Last Forever are fiction; the final book of the trilogy, which we're still working on, is the non-fiction 21st Century Christianity.

Prague for Beginners is the first novel I've written alone. It's been brewing in my head since 1990, when I first visited Czechoslovakia just after the Velvet Revolution that liberated the country from Soviet domination.

At the American Embassy in 1994: EEP-CPL participant Vlastimil Zajíček and me, waving at the camera
Set in the spring of 1994, Prague for Beginners is Elizabeth Logan's story of one year of expat life in Prague. Many elements of the novel are lifted from the lives of people I met in Prague over two decades. You might say that those years of doing business with the Czech government, working with Czechs from a wide range of ages and careers, and living in Prague from 2010-2013 constituted my research for this novel.

What is most fascinating for me is the way my characters speak to me as I write. Literally, I am as surprised as they are at the twists and turns their lives take. Elizabeth is my creation, but she is not me. I am eager to begin writing each day, as that's how she tells me about her life, exactly as if I were any other reader. What will she do next?


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