Emily & an oxymoron

Emily Dickinson was a master of oxymoron. Here's one: what use would a broom made of steel (as imagined in the 1850s, before machines could make bristles out of steel) be?

It wouldn't be flexible. It would be heavy.

What mental pictures do you find in this little imagist poem?

Like Brooms of Steel (1252)

Like Brooms of Steel  
The Snow and Wind  
Had swept the Winter Street -
The House was hooked  
The Sun sent out   
Faint Deputies of Heat -
Where rode the Bird  
The Silence tied  
His ample - plodding Steed
The Apple in the Cellar snug  
Was all the one that played.
Winter Street Scene (Téli városrészlet),oil on canvas by Antal Berkes


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