Humidity-free in Colorado, in August

Gold Hill, Colorado
I live in Central Florida, which has many wonderful features. The weather is usually warm-to-hot, with a very brief winter (where it can go below freezing) and lots of sunshine, We live near MCO, the big international airport with flights all around the world. We have many interesting and dear friends, including some from NYC college days who now live in Florida. I have a great job at Seminole State College, a public school that serves students ranging from new high school grads to moms returning to college to immigrants form all over the world who need more education for career advancement. Plus we have 5 sandhill cranes that live on my campus.

Sandhill cranes are not afraid of people or cars
But one thing I don't like about my home is the high humidity. With temperatures in the 90s and humidity in the same range, it can be debilitatingly hot here, especially in August.

Which is why I went to see my friends Marcia and CB in Boulder last week. It was hot there, too, but the humidity was just about non-existent! The dry mountain air was a wonderful change from Florida's wet air, and the startlingly different landscape (I live about 10 feet above sea level; my friends' home is at about 6400 feet, and our explorations took us higher) made for a great change.

Nederland, Colorado
And catching up with my friends in their amazing mountain cabin was inspiring and fascinating.

Betasso view
Wind chimes and sunshine
Garden in August
Callie in the window
The Celestial Seasonings tour!


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