An unexpected development

My novel Prague for Beginners is almost finished. I have been saying that since October, and now I know why. I don't want to actually finish it.

"Red Hat" cafe, in Prague
My time in writing this novel has been sheer pleasure. I have gotten to know and be friends with my characters: Elizabeth (the protagonist), her antagonists (Louella and Vlasta), her bff (Claudette), the guy with the hopeless crush on her (Marek), the wise professor who guides her (Dr. Černý), and all the people who swirl in and out of her life.

At the French Market at Kampa Island
I don't want to finish the novel because I will lose my connection with Elizabeth, I fear. I will also lose my daily connection with Prague, the city where I lived for 3.5 years and which I still pine for in so many ways.

Metro in Prague 6
But I am taking myself in hand and insisting that I finish by Dec. 24th, a deadline that I intend to honor.

Žižkov kavarna (coffee shop)
So here's to the completion of Prague for Beginners and the choosing of the setting and characters for my next novel. This one will be mostly in the USA, populated by 1970s back-to-the-land folks. I am ready to say goodbye to Elizabeth, and hello to the new characters who will tell me their stories so I can write my next novel.


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